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2020 Easter

Fourth of July is a national holiday, so is Memorial Day. In the United States, we celebrate those two days as a National Holiday, it is a remembrance of America’shistory and identity, it isn’t unusual to see a parade in your city or town celebrating those days with a carnival or a ceremony.

How about Easter, is Easter a national holiday? No, it’s not a holiday!

Easter is a celebration and remembrance of Jesus Christ. It allows people of faithto celebrate His Resurrection. Some will say that His Resurrection is not true. Well, Lee Strobel former journalist and non-believer did an investigation, and this is a few of the thingst he discovered:

First, there’s overwhelming evidence Jesus was executed. In addition to multiple,early, independent confirmation in the New Testament documents, there are alsofive sources outside the Bible. Even atheist historian Gerd Lüdemann called Jesus’ death by crucifixion “indisputable.”

Second, we have resurrection accounts that date back so early they can’t be legendary – because legends take time to develop.

Third, there’s the empty tomb, which is implicit in the early creed and reported in the earliest Gospel.

Scholar William Lane Craig points out that the site of Jesus’ tomb was known to Christians and non-Christians alike. If it weren’t empty, it would have been impossible for a movement founded on the resurrection to have exploded into existence in the same city where Jesus had been publicly executed and buried just a few weeks earlier.

That is just part of the truth of The Resurrection, there is more proof and evidence of His Resurrection. Through Lee Strobel’s investigation, he has become a Christian! But going back to Easter being a National Holiday, it is not, and part of me does not want Easter to be a secularized ceremony nor commercialized (even more than it already is). Easter is meant to be a time for personal and community reflection and renewal, it is a remembrance of the Son of God going to The Cross. Having an Easter parade going down Main Street or a laying of a ceremonial wreath on a Cross would be a nice treat, but that does not do justice to His sacrifice. Nor does it explain why Jesus went to the Cross. The best way, in my opinion to celebrate Easter is to worship, in remembrance ofHis sacrifice, more importantly a national holiday is one day in a year. Easter is a celebration of what Christ does every day in our lives.

Memorial Day reminds us what has happened, Easter is a relationship that neverends and if you really want to celebrate Easter, let April 12th be a snapshot of your love for Him…worship!

Rev. Steve Lee