Steve Lee

Pastor Steve Lee is currently the English pastor at Indonesian Evangelical Church. Growing up, he never dreamt or envisioned being in full-time ministry; point guard for the Lakers or CEO of a large corporation, yes; pastor, no! But he has come to realize that God has a great plan for each and everyone of us, and sometimes it is not what you expect, regardless of seeing it early or later, God has a wonderful plan. Pastor Steve graduated from college and worked in corporate finance. After several years in the corporate world, God called him into full-time ministry, instead of pursuing a MBA, with much struggle and trepidation, Pastor Steve spent a good year wrestling with the calling. But when God calls, there is a special reason/purpose, so he began his studies at Talbot School of Theology (Biola University) and received his Master’s degree.

After 20 years of ministry, Steve continues to hope to share a love for God that is multi-faceted, and like a brilliant diamond, God’s love should radiate to the Church, and the un-churched.

He has been married to the wonderful Hye Jin Lee for over 22 years. They are parents to 2 beautiful and active children; Charis (17 years old) and Micah (13 years old).

His first Sunday at IEC was December 2, 2018 and more of his sermons at IEC can be found on our YouTube Channel.

Want to know more about our new pastor like how he takes his coffee and his vision for our church? Watch his question and answer video! The questions are below the video.

Pastor Steve would love to spend time with you, especially over lunch, a cup of coffee, just name the time and place. Feel free to reach out by email, call or text!