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  • 5 Ways You Can Help the Homeless!

    What do you do when you see someone holding up a sign, “Will Work For Food”? Do you roll down your window and give them...

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  • The Voice of the Dreamers

    By: Emil A. Zheng JUDGES 1:22-26 Judges 1:1–36 stands in distinct contrast to the pan-Israelite view presented in Joshua 2–12 and is thus of historical...

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  • Church 34th Anniversary

    When we celebrate birthday, we pause for a while. We stop to look back to the things and events that have happened in the past...

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  • Losing Sensitivity to Sin

    By: Junina and Rachel Atmadja   The seriousness of sin has become a rare concept in this present time. In a culture that has all but eliminated...

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