Greetings in the Love of our Lord Jesus Christ!

On behalf of the big family of Indonesian Evangelical Church in West Coast of America, we would like welcome you to visit our web-site.

This web-site is provided to guide you to know our church history, our vision and mission, and our church activities. In this web-site, you can obtain complete information about our churches in different cities and you can participate in our church regular and special programs.

If you need an in depth study of the Word of God, special spiritual guidance, and personal prayer support, you may feel free to contact us with the information in this web-site.

May God richly bless you!

Pastors & Co-workers of
Indonesian Evangelical Church
In West Coast of America

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    By: Rev. Steve Lee If you did not hear about the “College Admissions Scandal”, here is the quick summary. Several wealthy and celebrity parents are...

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    The first love is the main ingredient of the existence of the church as the body of Christ.  If the church has turned into a...

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    By: Rev. Steve Lee As we approach Easter, or what I refer to as Resurrection Sunday, it might appear as if the whole world is...

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              Still fresh in our minds millions of people across the United States expected a long march against the violence of...

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  • Target 5000

    This year five of our West Coast Churches have the same theme “BE A WITNESS FOR CHRIST” as our mission to share the Gospel to...

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