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On behalf of the big family of Indonesian Evangelical Church in West Coast of America, we would like welcome you to visit our web-site.

This web-site is provided to guide you to know our church history, our vision and mission, and our church activities. In this web-site, you can obtain complete information about our churches in different cities and you can participate in our church regular and special programs.

If you need an in depth study of the Word of God, special spiritual guidance, and personal prayer support, you may feel free to contact us with the information in this web-site.

May God richly bless you!

Pastors & Co-workers of
Indonesian Evangelical Church
In West Coast of America

Latest Articles


    by Rev. Stephen Hosea INTRODUCTION The apostle James in his letter James  1:1-16 talks about trial and temptation.  He uses the same Greek word peirasmos...

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  • The Fear of the Lord

    By: Pastor Wilson Suwanto Psalm 19:9 ~ “The fear of the LORD is clean, enduring forever” The force of nature like tsunami, typhoon, hurricane, earthquake,...

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    By: Rev. Stephen Hosea   The Greek word of “trial” is “peirasmois”. It is the same Greek word used for “temptation”. So “peirasmois” can mean...

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  • Acts 3:1-10 — Beggar Mentality, No More!

    Acts 3:1-10 – Beggar Mentality, No More! Ev. Kalvin Budiman There is one beggar in Acts 3:1-10, but there are actually three poor men in...

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    Ev. Kalvin Budiman When one day a friend asked for my wife’s phone number, I was quite surprised to learn that I didn’t remember it....

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