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On behalf of the big family of Indonesian Evangelical Church in West Coast of America, we would like welcome you to visit our web-site.

This web-site is provided to guide you to know our church history, our vision and mission, and our church activities. In this web-site, you can obtain complete information about our churches in different cities and you can participate in our church regular and special programs.

If you need an in depth study of the Word of God, special spiritual guidance, and personal prayer support, you may feel free to contact us with the information in this web-site.

May God richly bless you!

Pastors & Co-workers of
Indonesian Evangelical Church
In West Coast of America

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  • Ciri Ciri orang Kristen yang bertumbuh

    By. Pdt. Muk Fam Surat  Filipi adalah surat ditulis oleh Paulus didalam penjara kepada jemaat  di Filipi . Surat ini  bersifat sangat pribadi yang dimana...

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  • Reflections of Good Friday and Easter

    This is a special month for Christians because of the Good Friday and the Easter. These two events are the core events of Christian faith. The death...

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  • Kebangkitan Kristus

    By: Rev. Kristianto Hosea Menjelang Paskah tahun ini kita sungguh mengucapkan banyak terima kasih kepada Tuhan yang sangat mengasihi kepada kita orang berdosa ini. Ia...

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  • Happy Chinese New Year 2018

    by Reverend Wilson Suwanto   Wearing new clothes is one of many customs of Chinese New Year celebration. It marks the passing of the old...

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  • The Holiness of God

    Most people enjoy hearing sermons about the love of God; but very few care to hear about the holiness of God. Some find the subject...

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