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March 13, 2016

March 13, 2016
Speaker: Rev. Timotius Tjing
Topic: “Christ’s Disciple = Preacher”

Speaker Rev. Timotius Tjing
Worship Leader Linda Tan
Worship Team Iman Frans
Glenn Sebastian
Video Operator Sylvie Liong
Sound System Jonathan Lie
Care Ministry Alex Setiadi Hansel Chong
Indonesian Svc. Rev. Stephen Hosea
Toddler Class Lulu Suryani Priscilla Christie
Sunday School & Worship Leader Mariana Oswan Jennifer Idris
Natalia Kusuma Hari Satriya
Silvi Tan Bernard Huang
Rini Buntaran
Facility Team Andy Pansawira Kevin Pansawira
Refreshments Ev. Mariany Tjing

1. Prelude
2. Call To Worship
3. Congregational Singing
4. **Opening Prayer
5. Congregational Singing
6. Scripture Reading: “2 Timothy 4:1-5”
7. **Intercessory Prayer and closed with the Lord’s Prayer
8. Congregational Singing
9. Sermon: “Christ Disciple = Preacher”
10. Holy Communion
11. Congregational Singing
12. Offering & Offering Prayer
13. Memory Verse: “2 Timothy 4:2”
14. Announcement
15. Doxology
16. Benediction
17. Congregation Response: “Amen, Amen”
18. Postlude
** Please speak quietly while waiting outside and enter the room after the prayer ends.

“Preach the word. Be ready in season and out of season. Convince, rebuke, exhort, with all long suffering and teaching.”                                                                                               2 Timothy 4:2

March 14: Joshua 11:13 – 15:2 March 18: Joshua 22:34 – Judges 1:35
March 15: Joshua 15:3 – 17:14 March 19: Judges 1:36 – 5:6
March 16: Joshua 17:15 – 20:2 March 20: Judges 5:7 – 7:20
March 17: Joshua 20:3 – 22:33

Date Fellowship Topic Speaker Place
Wed, Mar. 16 Prayer Meeting 7:00 PM Purpose Driven Life Ev. Mariany Tjing
MC: Ev. Mariany Tjing
Music: Rini S. Lie
191 E Gish Road
San Jose, CA 95112
Fri, Mar 18 Young Adult 


7:00 pm

Going Beyond the Superficial

Are You All In or All Out?

Group Discussion

Paul Tjam

191 E Gish Road
San Jose, CA 95112
Sat, Mar 19 5:00PM South Bay Fellowship  7:00 pm The Influence of L.G.B.T Toward The Christians Rev. Stephen Hosea Mega & Denny Iriawan’s Residence

1. We would like to welcome everyone who joins our service. May the Lord bless us all the days of our life! Everybody is invited to join our service every Sunday, as well as other fellowships and activities. After the service, please stay for some refreshments and fellowship in the kitchen area.
2. To those who would still like to give mission offering or fill out the mission in action form, you may get it from the front desk and put it in the offering bag or give it directly to the deacon.
3. If you like to write or have spiritual article that can be a blessing, you may give it to Rev. Timotius or Deacon Hendra Iskandar so we can upload it to the church website.
4. Those who are burdened to bring food for Wednesday Prayer Meeting, Friday Young Adult Fellowship, Sunday Service refreshments, or help out in the facility area, please fill in your name in the form that is posted on the bulletin board.
5. Let’s keep our church clean, please refrain from taking/dumping food beyond the social hall area. Thank you for your cooperation.

1. Ministries: All of the pastors, deacons, committees, Sunday School teachers, musicians, choirs and worship leaders.
2. Needs: Paying off mortgage, mission fund and monthly operational expenses.
3. Members: Those who are sick, those who are pregnant (Linna, Veronica & Eva), those who will be going out of state/country and those who are struggling in life.
4. Mission: Missionary Fina Linan and others you know, EE training and mission organizations (OMF, GO Int’l, Christ of Asia etc.).
5. Countries: Indonesia (growth of economy, stability in politics & safety) and US (President Obama & upcoming presidential election).