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November 5, 2017

November 5, 2017
Speaker: Rev. Timotius Tjing
Topic: “1517 Reformation and Now (2017)”

Speaker Rev. Timotius Tjing
Worship Leader Ev. Mariany Tjing & Paul Tjam
Worship Team Iman Frans
Slide Operator Henky Wibowo
Sound System Henky Wibowo
Care Ministry Deddy Wahyudi
Indonesian Svc. Combined Service
Toddler Class Nadya Andini Meta Novitta
Lorina Josephine
Sunday School & Worship Leader Hari Rediawan Linda Tan
Mariana Oswan Lulu Suryani
Shelly Sia Wiliana Purnama
Fransisca Tan Seniwati Hung
Rini Buntaran Chris Rustam
Sharlene Sia
Facility Team Indra Gunawan Stefanus Koesno
Rudy Martono
Refreshments Jacky & Sharon Wong

1. Prelude
2. Call To Worship
3. Congregational Singing
4. **Opening prayer
5. Congregational Respond
6. Scripture Reading: “Romans 3:23 – 24 & Ephesians 2:8 – 9”
7. Congregational Singing
8. Apostle’s Creed
9. **Intercessory Prayer & closed with the Lord’s Prayer
10. Congregational Singing
11. Sermon: “1517 Reformation and Now (2017)”
12. Holy Communion
13. Congregational Singing
14. Offering & Offering Prayer
15. Memory Verse: “Ephesians 2: 8 – 9″
16. Announcement
17. Doxology
18. Benediction
19. Congregation Response: “Amen, Amen”
20. Postlude
** Please speak quietly while waiting outside and enter the room after the prayer ends.

For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God, not of works, lest anyone should boast”.                                                                  Ephesians 2:8 – 9

November 6: John 6:33 – 7:46 November 10: John 12:50 – 15:16
November 7: John 7:47 – 9:19 November 11: John 15:17 – 18:16
November 8: John 9:20 – 11:21 November 12: John 18:17 – 20:20
November 9: John 11:22 – 12:49

Date Fellowship Topic Speaker Place
Nov. 8
Prayer Meeting
7:00 PM
Short Message Rev. Timotius Tjing
MC: Yung Kie Hing
Music: Rini S. Lie
191 E Gish Road
San Jose, CA 95112
Nov. 10
Young Adult
7:00 pm
What is Your Passion? Rev. Timotius Tjing & Pemuda Leaders Church
191 E Gish Road
San Jose, CA 95112

1. We would like to welcome everyone who joins our service. May the Lord bless us all the days of our life! Everybody is invited to join our service every Sunday, as well as other fellowships and activities. After the service, please stay for some refreshments and fellowship in the kitchen area.
2. Congratulations to Sri Gudel who just have their first grandson, John Luka Heinan, on October 28 in Minnesota. May God bless this happy family.
3. Thanksgiving Retreat registration is closed last Sunday. To all participants, please make note on things needed before leaving to Sacramento. You may find this information posted on the bulletin board or you may ask the registrar (Rini Buntaran, Andy Pansawira, Alvin Wijaya or Jennifer Lukanta). Please continue to pray for the preparation and the retreat itself on November 23 – 25.
4. Our Mission Committee is working together to help out the fire victims in Napa Valley/Santa Rosa by collecting food. You may give it to Jennifer Prajudha, Aldo Kurnia or Rev. Timotius the latest by November 8 (in the Prayer Meeting). Please refer to the enclosed flier in the bulletin for detail information.
5. You may follow our weekly news, church program, pictures of our activities, listen to our Sunday sermon or read spiritual article on the website. You may also submit your writing or spiritual article for our church website ( Please contact our webmaster (Shelly Sia, Dony Oswan or Devie Lin).
6. Our Christmas programs are as follow:

  • December 16: Combined Christmas Celebration (SF & SJ) at IEC San Francisco at 5:00 PM with musical drama “Night of Miracles” by John W. Peterson.
  • December 24: Combined Christmas Service (Indonesian & English).
  • December 31: New Year’s Eve Service at 10:00 AM.

 1. Ministry: our weekly activities (prayer meeting, young adult fellowship, cell group etc.), church in West Coast area, headquarter in New Jersey, church in Africa, Europe and Asia, all of our pastors, deacons and committees.
 2. Congregation: those who are sick, pregnant (Devina, Irine & Felicia), those who are looking for a job, students, professionals, family who long for children and family with small children.
 3. Surround us: victims and recovery in the Napa Valley/Santa Rosa area and terrorist victims in New York.
 4. Countries: Indonesia and the US.