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February 12, 2020

February 9, 2020
Speaker: Rev. John Dupree
Topic: God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Our Passion

Speaker Rev. John Dupree
Worship Leader Cecylia Wati  
Worship Team Glen Sebastian Regita Soetandar
  Randy Renandya Hari Rediawan
Slide Operator Yosef Manasseh
Sound System Jonathan Lie
Care Ministry Hansel Chong Alvin Wijaya
  Fransisca Poniman  
Indonesian Svc. Rev. John Chiang  
Toddler Class Silvi Tan Selina Cheng
  Regina Jong  
Worship Leader &
Sunday School Classes
Kiki Rustam Lulu Suryani
  Veronica Tang Chris Rustam
  Ronald Karunia Hari Satriya
  Lisa Hung  
Facility Team: Jeh Lin Churchill Chiu
  Ernes Ho  
Refreshments: Andy Pansawira & Riawati Woen  

1. Prelude
2. Call To Worship
3. Congregational Singing: “Raise a hallelujah”
4. **Opening prayer
5. Congregational Singing: “Way Maker”
6. **Intercessory Prayer
7. Scripture Reading: 1 Chronicles 16: 24-26
8. Congregational Singing: “Hark the Voice of Jesus Calling”
9. Video Clip Fresno Mission Trip in 2019
10. Sermon: “God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Our Passion
11. Offering Song: Hark the Voice of Jesus Calling
12. Offering Prayer
13. Memory Verse: Habakkuk 2:14
14. Announcement
15. Doxology: No.53 “Doxology
16. Benediction
17. Congregational Response: No.425 “Amen, Amen”
18. Postlude
** Please speak quietly while waiting outside and enter the room after the prayer ends.

“For the earth will be filled, with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea.”

                                                           Habakkuk 2:14

Sunday        : Romans 13-14 Thursday  : Job 13-14
Monday       : Genesis 24-27 Friday       : Isaiah 34-39
Tuesday      : Judges 7-11 Saturday   : Matthew 17-19
Wednesday : Psalm 18-20  

Fellowship Schedule
Date Fellowship Topik Speaker Place
Feb 12
Prayer Meeting
7:00 PM
The name of God Rev. Timotius Tjing
MC: Rev. Timotius Tjing
Pianist: Rini Buntaran
191 E Gish Road
San Jose, CA 95112
Feb 14
Young Adults
7:00 PM
Our God is the God of Mission Rev. Andrew Lai Church
191 E Gish Road
San Jose, CA 95112

1. We would like to welcome everyone who joins our service. May the Lord bless us all the days of our life! Everybody is invited to join our service every Sunday, as well as other fellowships and activities. After the service, please stay for some refreshments and fellowship in the kitchen area.


Family Small Group will begin today (February 9) at 12 to 1 pm at the 2nd Inviting all families (husband and wife) to join.
3. Congratulations to Fransisca Tan & Hidayat Teonadi for the birth of their son, Declan Kyle Teonadi, on Jan. 22. May the Lord Jesus bless Declan’s growth and health and also Fransisca’s recovery.


Congratulations to Evelyn Tan & Joseph Ho for their first baby girl, Ella Grace Ho, born on January 31. May Jesus our Lord bless this happy family and baby Ella’s health.
5. For those who want to be baptized or dedicate their children at the Good Friday Service, April 10 at 7:30 pm, please contact the Deacon or Rev.Timotius.
6. The Mission Conference will be held on Feb. 22 at 4:00pm at the IEC San Francisco. The theme is “For the Sake of His Call”. The speaker is Rev.Robertson Lee (Missionary serving in Indonesia). The speaker for children is Mrs.Susanti Kee. The closing of the Mission month will be held on Feb. 23 at 10:00am (combined IS & ES). The Mission Committee has prepared flyers for you to invite family and friends to attend. You may get it from the ushers.
7. The number who heard the Gospel last January was 1,046 people (5 churches). For those who have already shared the Gospel, please write down the amount and put it in the Target box 7,000 people heard the gospel in front of the office/library. Please take the materials provided to help share the Gospel.
8. The budget of Mission Ministry 2020

IEC San Diego Mission church $        500
Mission Churches in Budapest, Milan (Italy), Cape Town (South Africa) $     1,250
Mission for Indonesia: Mitra Pelayanan Tuhan, Banjarmasin, STT Pelita Dunia, Missionary Dana Ostby & Mission Trips to Indonesia & Ministers in Timor Island $     3,150
Local Mission: Homeless Ministry, Local Mission trip, Chinese Minority Mission, Mission Church, EE Training, Mission Organizations in Bay Area, Senior Center,

Thanksgiving Outreach, Evangelistic Meeting &Training, Student Ministry

Outreach, Harvest Carnival, Outreach Care Ministry, etc.  

$     2,900
Missionary Fund: Fina Linan, Africa $     1,700
Total Budget                                                                                      per month $     9,500
Total Budget                                                                                      per year $ 114,000

1. Growth: the number who attend service, who knew Jesus, in reading the Bible, praying, and serving


Congregation: in recovery: Mrs.Aan, Mrs.Kumalasari (Sarina Sutardja’s mother), pregnant (Amadea Kristani, Margareth Hing, Angelen Hioe), looking for work, elderly people, students and professionals.
3. World: handling Corona Virus outbreak, the war on terrorists, the situation in the Middle East
4. Government: California, Indonesia, USA, Taiwan, Hong Kong.