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August 16, 2020

August 16, 2020
Speaker: Rev.Alvin Louie
Topic: “Running the Race – Focus Well”

Speaker Rev.Alvin Louie
Worship Leader Danny Chen  
Musician Jennifer Chandra  
  Randy Renandya  
  Marlene Koesmadjadi  
Slide Operator Alvin Wijaya
Sound System Fulbert Jong
Care Ministry    
Indonesian Svc. Rev.Hengkie Tjahjadi  
Toddler to 2nd graders zoom meeting id: 87592984307
Pass Code: 018612   At 10.00AM
Sharlene Sia, Yanny Prasetya, and  Jennifer Lukanta
3rd graders and upper classes 3rd grade Zoom ID: 84408828520 
Linda Tan & Cecylia Wati
Teen Classes zoom meeting id: 81599995448
Jennifer Prajudha

1. Prelude
2. Call To Worship
3. Congregational Singing: “You Are God Alone”
4. **Opening prayer
5. Scripture Reading: Hebrew 12:1-3
6. **Intercessory Prayer
7. Congregational Singing: “No Longer Slaves”
8. Sermon: “Running the Race – Focus Well”
9. *Offering Song: “My Worth Is Not In What I Own”
10. Offering Prayer
11. Memory Verse: Hebrew 12:2
12. Announcements
13. Doxology
14. Benediction
15. Congregational Response: “Amen, Amen”
16. Postlude

** Please speak quietly while waiting outside and enter the room after the prayer ends.

* Third week special offering is for Mission


 “looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, who for the joy that was set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame, and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.”                                                                                                    Hebrew 12:2

Sunday        : 1 Timothy 4 – 6 Thursday  : Proverbs 19
Monday       : Numbers 5 – 8 Friday      : Hosea 1 – 7
Tuesday      : 1 Chronicles 10 – 14 Saturday  : John 7- 9
Wednesday : Psalm 99 – 101  

Fellowship Schedule
Date Fellowship Topik Speaker Place
Aug 19
Prayer Meeting
7:00 PM
Short Devotion Ev.Mariany Tjing
MC: Rev.Timotius Tjing
Music: Mariany Tjing
Online / Zoom Conference
(in Indonesian)
Aug 21
Young Adult
8:00 PM
“Worship & Prayer Night” *check pemuda’s sosial media for details

Online / Zoom Conference


Welcome to our online streaming worship service. Please invite your family and friends to join us for worship and hearing God’s words.


Thank you for joining the online Sunday Service, Prayer Meeting, Young Adult Fellowship, and Bible Study groups faithfully during this shelter in place. We are still waiting news from the County regarding reopening of churches. Please check this announcement on website when it became available.


As for giving an offering, you may use one of these two ways:

a).  Write and send a check to: Indonesian Evangelical Church (respective church/treasurer address)

b). Transfer through Zelle (based on your membership):, or

**Please make note such as for: mission, tithe, building, thanksgiving, etc.


The online live streaming link for Sunday services is at You will be able to select Indonesian or English Service.


Please visit church website ( to see weekly bulletin or other updates.


There were 6 people heard the Gospel last July. If you have shared the Gospel to your family or friends, please let the deacons, pastor Stephen, pastor Timotius or pastor Fam know so that it will be totaled with other West Coast churches each month.


IEC SF is in the process of purchasing a house across the Church with a price of $ 1,120,000.00 (to meet the needs of SS classes, Bible Study/Cell groups, etc). Currently there is a fund of $ 935,000.00 (including loan from IEC SJ & Synod). There is still in need of $ 200,000.00 now (included closing fees). The close of escrow is scheduled for tomorrow August 17th. For congregation who would like to support this project, you may send it through Zelle or send a check to church with a note for “SF Building Fund”. Separately, for congregation who would like to support by loaning without interest to the Church, please contact SF treasurer Ismed Hartanto or Siu Poi Sie. The loan will be paid back within 2 years. Total offering received as of Aug 12th is $ 95,362.00. Still short of $ 19,638.00. Thank you for your support in prayer and funds toward this need.



Ministries: worship teams, West & East Coast churches, HQ in NJ, in Europe, Africa & Asia.        


Congregation: sick and in recovery: Aan Juliana, Michael Phan (Kevin’s dad, brother of Andy & Kok Jun Phan), Daniel Atmadja, Myrna Huang, Tjing Soan Hong (Rev.Timotius’ sister), and Djohan Widjaja. Those who are pregnant: Natalia Kusuma, Veronica Teng, Stefani Subiantoro, and Jennifer Idris. Those who are in struggle (sickness, study, work, family, financial, etc).


Covid-19 pandemic: family or friends that affected (in hospital or isolation), lost their job or love one. Doctors, nurses and health workers.


Mission: missionaries Finan Linan (building the Children Center), Dana & Karina Ostby (ministry).


Governments: California, Indonesia, United States, and others in fighting the Covid-19 pandemic. Effort to stabilize their economic, politic and safety.