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January 31, 2021

January 31, 2021
Speaker: Rev. Sam Earp
Topic: “Life In Transformation”

Speaker Rev. Sam Earp
Worship Leader Cecylia Wati  
Musician Jennifer Chandra  
  Priscilla Christie   
  Marlene Koesmadjadi  
Slide Operator Fulbert Jong
Sound System Fulbert Jong
Care Ministry    
Indonesian Svc. Rev. Fam Muk Thiam  
Toddler to 2nd graders
Zoom Meeting ID: 875 9298 4307 
Passcode: 018612   At 10:00 AM 
Seniwati H, Irene L, Erika Fatania
3rd & 4th grade Upper Elemen. Zoom Meeting ID: 844 0882 8520
Hari Rediawan –> at 11AM
5th to 8th grade Pre-teens Zoom Meeting ID: 876 7660 2463
Jimmy Lie –> at 11AM
High School Teen Zoom Meeting ID: 815 9999 5448
Gabung dengan ES –> at 11AM




Call To Worship


Congregational Singing: “Great Thingsl”


**Opening prayer


Congregational Singing: “God So Loved”


**Intercessory Prayer–> kids may go to their classes after prayer


Scripture Reading: Romans 12:1-2

8. Sermon: “Life In Transformation” 

Offering Song: “Take My Life” 

10. Offering Prayer

Memory Verse: Romans 12:1-2








Congregational Response: “Amen, Amen”




** Please speak quietly while waiting outside and enter the room after the prayer ends.


“I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that you present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to God, which is your reasonable service. And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.”                                                                                                         Romans 12:1-2  

Sunday        : Exodus 35:19 – 38:1 Thursday  : Leviticus 7:11 – 9:21
Monday       : Exodus 38:2  – 40:12 Friday      : Leviticus 9:22 – 13:7
Tuesday      : Exodus 40:13 – Leviticus 4:9 Saturday  : Leviticus 13:8 – 14:33
Wednesday : ELeviticus 4:10  – 7:10  

SJ Fellowship Schedule 
Date Fellowship Topik Speaker Place
Feb 3
Prayer Meeting
7:00 PM
Short Message Ev.Mariany Tjing
MC: Yungkie Hing
Music: Rini Lie
Online / Zoom meeting
Feb 5
Young Adult
8:00 PM
Biblical Inspiration Rev.Hengkie Tjahjadi


Welcome to our Sunday service online / live streaming. If you are first time joining us, welcome! Hope you will join us again next week. Please invite your family and friends to join our Sunday service or fellowship so that they may hear the word of God and be blessed.


Thank you pastor, worship team, and teachers for your ministry today. Let continue our ministry throughout this uncertainty and difficult time. Support each other and church programs in prayer.


As for giving, you may use one of these ways:

a).  Write and send a check to church or deacon (treasurer) address.

b).  Transfer through Zelle:, or

**Please make note such as for: mission, tithe, building, thanksgiving, etc.


We would like to welcome Glenn Sebastian as our intern minister beginning February 2021. May God guide and help him in his ministry and theological study. Let welcome and support him.


Congratulations to Aldo and Lavinia Kurnia on the born of their first child named, Jonathan Vincenzio Kurnia on Jan 22. May Jesus bless Joey health and growth and Vinia’s recovery.


This year’s Mission Month will be in March instead of February and the Mission Conference will be on March 20-21. The theme is “An Open Door” (Acts 14:27 & Colossians 4:3). The speakers are Rev.Lawrence Fung (General Director of Go International) and Rev.Johnny Wang (Former General Director of Chinese Christian Mission). The Mission Budget is $ 114,000.00 and target of 7000 people hear the gospel remind the same as last year. Please pray for this event and join the conference to broaden your mission heart and vision.


The loan amount for purchasing a house for IEC SF is $ 524.000 (to meet the need of Sunday School classes, Bible study groups, etc). If you want support the repayment of this loan, you may send it through Zelle or a check to church with a note for “SF Building Fund”.  The offering received last week (SJ & SF) is $ 1,909.85. Total received up-to-date is $ 75,281.85 Thank you for your support. May Jesus, the Head of the Church bless you.


Praise the Lord, there are 2,229 people heard the Gospel last year 2020. Thank you for your mission heart and ministry. If you share the Gospel to family or friends, please let Rev.Timotius know so it will be totaled with other churches monthly.


If you need prayer support or want to have a short video sharing (only be shown during life stream) on Sunday service, please contact Maria Joana at


2021 Deacons and Committees:
Chairman                               : Rev.Stephen Hosea
Vice Chairman                     : Rev.Timotius Tjing
Intern Minister                      : Glenn Sebastian
Secretary                               : Shirly Effendi, as a liaison to;
Documentation                      : Herman Yudi
Publication/Bulletin               : Sharlene Sia, Megawati Iriawan
Food & Beverages                : Jenny Tan, Jujun Phan
Treasurer 1                           : Martin Atmadja, as a liaison to;
Young Adult                            : Fulbert Jong, Bryan Sugiarto, Fiona Hermawan
Facility                                     : Indra Gunawan, Churchill Soestyono
East Bay Fellowship            : Fei Fei Gono
South Bay Fellowship          : Rini Hing
Treasurer 2                           : Denny Iriawan, as a liaison to;
Indonesian Service               : Marcel Prasetya, Rini Lie, Lany Trisno, Lulu Suryani
Prayer Meeting                      : Yungkie Hing
Library                                     : Lucky Effendi
Website                                   : Shelly Sia, Dony Oswan
Spirituality                             : Linda Tan, as a liaison to;
English Service                      : Maria Joana, Alvin Wijayabr>
Children Ministry                    : Seniwati Hung, Shelly Sia, Irene Lestari, Kiki Rustam
Mission                                    : Erwin Widiarta
Thank you for your service and may the Lord Jesus guide and help you in 2021 ministry


There will be a weekly after service chat. Join us at and get together with brothers and sisters for a short fellowship/discussion


Thanksgiving: health, family, work, study, ministry in January, pastors, deacons, committees, teachers.


Congregation: sick and in recovery: Aan Juliana, Myrna Huang, Emma Teonadi (daughter of Fransisca & Hidayat), Rev.Moses Yang. Those who are pregnant: Jennifer Idris. Families long for a kid. Those looking for a job.


Covid-19 pandemic: family or friends affected (in hospital or self-isolation), those who lost their jobs or loved ones. Doctors, nurses and health care workers. The effectiveness of the vaccine.


Mission: mission month & conference, missionary Fina Linan (Burkina Faso), Dana & Karina Ostby (Indonesia).


Governments: California, Indonesia, United States, and others in fighting the Covid-19. President Joe Biden, vice president Kamala Harris, president Jokowi, vice president Ma’ruf Amin in building a good government and the welfare of her people.