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Happy Father’s Day!

When June comes, you would probably think much of Summer vacation. Where would we go this Summer? Who would think about Father’s Day? Indeed, Father’s Day is nowhere as popular as Mother’s Day, and bad fathers steal the headlines every time. Crimes are mostly committed by males, so do acts of violence. They are associated with drunkenness and the lack of self-control. It’s hard to blame the general picture of men since many of them confirm it with their actions.

While a father is not as loving and caring as a mother, they occupy an important role in children’s life. The absence of a father is often cited as the reason for kids’ behavioral and psychological problems. Even if the father is there at home, he doesn’t necessarily know how to be a good father to his kids. Who should a child look up to?

Thank God that He is our Father. Even if we lack a father figure on earth, we still have God as our Father through Jesus Christ. One of the most important jobs that a father has is to make sure that his children receive good things; things that help and not harm them. Jesus once said that no good father would give his son stone when he asks for bread, or snake when he asks for fish. Imagine how much more our Father in heaven cares for us. He will give us the best.

When we enjoy good things in our life, never forget that they come from the loving heart of the Father (James 1.17). We often see ourselves as a self-sufficient adult who doesn’t really need anybody else. In truth, we are little children in God’s eyes. And yes, little children often think that they can do things on their own, and don’t need the adult’s help. When we think that we are self-sufficient, we are not being mature. We act like little kids. Even so, God loves us as His little children.

Jesus often called his disciples as “little ones” or “little flock” (Matthew 10.42, Luke 12.32). This is not belittling us at all. In fact, this shows how our Lord cares for us. He sees us as His little children with vulnerability, and He does everything to protect us. He gave Himself to die in our place that we may be protected from the punishment and judgment. It’s a privilege that God sees each of us as His “little ones.” It’s the more reason we want to run to our Father in prayer and ask Him everything we need. We know for sure that He loves us and He loves to listen to our prayer.

Come to Him as His little children. Leave both fear and self-sufficient attitude behind. Through Christ, we can call God “our Father.” Jesus assures us that we can ask anything in His name, and if that’s good for us, God will grant it. He will only give us good things.

I would like to encourage you to ask God for one special thing this month: strength and wisdom for fathers. Our earthly fathers need our prayer. They shoulder heavy responsibilities as heads of their families, and it’s never easy. They need strength, wisdom, and patience. Let us support all fathers through our prayer. God himself is a Father to us, and He fully understands our request, and He will bless fathers.

Happy Father’s Day, and God bless you all. Amen.

Rev. Wilson Suwanto