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It is not too wrong to say that violence has become a part of “culture & politics.” Violence accompanied by mass murder has become the new art of brutality. The Hong-Kong territory’s leader, Carrie Lam, warned that violence will push Hong Kong over the edge. Violence, no matter if it’s using violence or condoning violence, will push Hong Kong down a path of no return, will plunge Hong Kong society into a very worrying and dangerous situation.” (The Guardian, August 12,2019).

The Bible mentions many dimensions of violence, it is not only mass uprisings that have occurred in several states, but also the recent domestic violence, bullying in schools, gang violence, and so much more means that believers need to perceive the evil drives on of violence, and what we can do in reaction.

When the Lord Jesus was arrested, He said to Peter, “Put your sword back in its place … for all who draw the sword will die by the sword.” Jesus did not teach violence. Jesus’ teaching elevates non-violence as the preferred response to violence (Rome 13: 4). Human violence is instigated from the deepest place (Matthew 5: 21-22), that is, from the bottom of the heart contaminated by sin. Before the act of violence occurs, violence of sin has preceded it. We do not view violence as setting aside the infection of hatred, hurt, expressing anger and foul character from one person to another (Matthew 7: 14-23). However, believers must have the courage to look at violence (Matthew 10:28), by living as a light that is expected to give a ray of light to those who have been confined by the darkness of violence.


Ev. Emil Zheng