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June God Cares for Me
July God Made Me
August God Gives Me Friends
September I See God’s Love at Church
October Jesus Loves Children
November God Gives Me Food
December Jesus Was a Baby
January God Helps Me to Grow
February My Family Loves Me
March Jesus Loves Me
April God Makes Growing Things
May People at Church Help Me




July 26 God Made Us Special
August 2 At Church We Sing
August 9 At Church We Pray
August 16 At Church We Give to God
August 23 At Church We Thank God
August 30 God Made the World
September 6 God Made Animals
September 13 God Made People
September 20 God Loves Adam & Eve
September 27 Building the Big Boat
October 4 Loading the Big Boat
October 11 Safe in the Boat
October 18 God Sends Rainbow
October 25 Abraham Obeys God
November 1 Lot Chooses First
November 8 Issac Is Born
November 15 Eliezer Prays
November 22 Isaac Digs Wells
November 29 Jacob and Esau
December 6 An Unfair Trade
December 13 Mary Hears Good News
December 20 Jesus is Born; The Birth of Jesus
December 27 Angels Tell the News
January 3 Wise Men Give Gifts
January 10 Jacob’s Trick
January 17 Esau Forgives Jacob
January 24 Daniel Obeys God
January 31 The Fiery Furnace
February 7 Ashe, Ashes… & Balloon Bibles
February 14 Big Team & The Missionary Toolbox
February 21 Travel Bag & The Missionary Toolbox
February 28 The Go-Rope & Homes Afar
March 6 Jesus Loves All Those Children
March 13 People Praise Jesus
March 20 Jesus Dies and Lives Again
March 27 Thomas Sees Jesus
April 3 Jesus Lives Today
April 10 The Writing on the Wall
April 17 The Lion’s Den
April 24 Ruth Loves Naomi
May 1 Jonah & the Big Fish
May 8 Pict – My Mother Loves Me
May 15 Josiah & God’s Words
May 22 Birds Feed Elijah; Pict – God Gives Us Food



July 19 An Unlikely Hero – The Kind Samaritan
July 26 GO Lead: Gideon (Judge, 7:1-22)
August 2 GO Risk: Esther (Esther 4-7)
August 9 GO Tell: Women witness to Jesus (Matthew 27)
August 16 GO Obey: Peter preaches under threat of prison (Acts 5:17-32)
August 23 GO Serve: Ananias helps Paul (Acts 9:1-19)
August 30 John is Born
September 6 John Preaches in the Desert
September 13 John Baptizes Jesus
September 20 Jesus Chooses Helpers
September 27 Friends Go Fishing
October 4 Jesus Tells of God’s Love
October 11 Jesus Stops the Storm
October 18 Jesus Heals a Blind Man
October 25 Jesus Feeds 5,000
November 1 The Forgiving King
November 8 The Good Samaritan; We Hear Jesus’ story about a kind helper;
November 15 The Good Shepherd
November 22 We Hear Jesus’ story about a lost coin
November 29 The Greatest of All
December 6 Mary Hears Good News
December 13 Jesus Is Born
December 20 Angels Tell the News
December 27 Wise Men Give Gifts
January 3 Tell Us a Story
January 10 Near and Far (Jonah)
January 17 Big and Small (Children)
January 24 Alike and Different (Philip); Philip and the Ethiopian
January 31 Hands to Serve (Dorcas)
February 7 Introducing Fina Linan
February 14 Hands to Give (Bread and Fish)
February 21 Love Your Neighbor (Samaritan); The Good Samaritan
February 28 City Folks, Too! (Mark 16:15)
March 6 Pict – Mary & Martha’s Special Visitor;
March 13 Pict – This Special Gift
March 20 People Praise Jesus
March 27 Jesus Dies and Lives Again
April 3 Thomas Sees Jesus
April 10 Jesus Lives Today
April 17 Pict – Jesus Heals a Soldier’s Helper; Life of Christ
April 24 Pict – The Man Who Could Hear & Talk
May 1 Pict – Jesus makes a Woman Whole Again
May 8 Timothy Hears Bible Words**
May 15 Pict – Philippian Christian Help Paul
May 22 Jesus Reads about God**



May 24 The Centurion’s Servant
May 31 The Unforgiving Servant
June 7 One Thankful Man
June 14 Jesus Serves His Friends
June 21 Joseph – Profile of Joseph the Father of Jesus Christ
June 28 Running the Race of Life
July 5 Under Authority
July 12 Act Like a Winner
July 19 All Ears
July 26 Creation: Gen 1-2:7
August 2 Adam & Eve
August 9 God Sends a Flood
August 16 Tower of Babel
August 23 Abram’s New Home
August 30 The Lord’s promise
September 6 Abraham’s Test
September 13 Isaac & Rebekah
September 20 Isaac Keeps Peace
September 27 Jacob Cheats Esau
October 4 Esau Forgives Jacob
October 11 Jelous Brothers
October 18 Joseph Rules Egypt
October 25 Moses and His Family
November 1 Escape from Egypt
November 8 Crossing the Red Sea
November 15 God Cares for His People
November 22 Rahab Believes in God
November 29 God Stops a River
December 6 A Wall Falls Down
December 13 God’s Promise
December 20 Jesus is Born
December 27 Wise Men Worship Jesus
January 3 John Introduces Jesus
January 10 Joshua is Tricked
January 17 God Makes a Long Day
January 24 The Good Shepherd
January 31 A Happy Family
February 7 In the School of God
February 14 Jesus is Victor
February 21 A Tramp for the Lord
February 28 Jesus Heals Two Men
March 6 Peter Walks on Water
March 13 Jesus Enters Jerusalem
March 20 Jesus Dies and Lives Again
March 27 The Road to Emmaus
April 3 Breakfast on the Beach
April 10 The First Church Family
April 17 Helping the Needy
April 24 The Good Shepherd
May 1 Birds and Flowers
May 8 Jochebed, Mother of Moses
May 15 Peter and Cornelius
May 22 Paul and Silas in Jail


May 24 Why Do We Pray?: We Trust God and Depend on Him
May 31 Why Do We Pray?: God is Delighted to Talk with Us
June 7 Why Do We Pray?: God Allows Us to Be Involved in His Work
June 14 Why Do We Pray?: We Obey God When we Pray
June 21 Joseph – Profile of Joseph the Father of Jesus Christ
June 28 What is Prayer?: Prayer is Conversation with God
July 5 How Do we Pray?: We Pray According to God’s Will
July 12 How Do we Pray?: We Pray with Faith
July 19 How Do we Pray?: We Pray to Ask God for What We Need
July 26 How Do we Pray?: We Pray to Thank God
August 2 How Do we Pray?: We Pray to Praise God
August 9 How Do we Pray?: We Pray to Confess and Ask Forgiveness
August 16 How Do we Pray?: When We Pray, we Should Listen to God
August 23 When Do We Pray?: God Will Gear Us Anytime
August 30 Brotherly Love
September 6 Cling to Goodness
September 13 A Blessing
September 20 Overcome Evil
September 27 Refuge in Disaster
October 4 Only True God
October 11 God is Faithful
October 18 Great is Your Love
October 25 Treasures in Heaven
November 1 The Rich Fool
November 8 Rich Young Man
November 15 Achan’s Greed
November 22 Abraham’s Choice
November 29 Wonderful Counselor
December 6 Mighty God
December 13 Prince of Peace
December 20 Everlasting Father
December 27 Doers of the World
January 3 Delights in Obedience
January 10 Don’t Deceive Yourself
January 17 Good Soil, Good Fruit
January 24 John’s Early Life
January 31 John Becomes a Missionary
February 7 Among Cannibals
February 14 God’s Loving Care
February 21 Water from the Ground
February 28 Jesus is Praised
March 6 Jesus is Betrayed
March 13 Jesus Faces His Accusers
March 20 Jesus is Crucified
March 27 Jesus Rises From the Dead
April 3 Jesus Ascends to Heaven
April 10 A Strong Man
April 17 Secret Strength
April 24 Prophet’s Rebuke
May 1 Big Small Man
May 8 Jochebed, Mother of Moses
May 15 Fresh Start
May 22 Jehovah Jireh-God is Our Provider



May 24 The Parable of the Lost Sheep, Lost Coin, and the Prodigal Son
May 31 The Parable of the Good Samaritan
June 7 The Parable of the Talents
June 14 The Parable of the Laborers in the Vineyard
June 21 The Parable of the Two Sons
June 28 The Parable of the Disloyal Steward
July 5 The Parable of the Rich Fool
July 12 The Parable of the Great Supper
July 19 The Parable of the Midnight Friend
July 26 The Parable of the Sower
August 2 The Parable of the Mustard Seed
August 9 The Parable of the Hidden Treasure
August 16 The Parable of the Tares
August 23 Mission Trip Sharing
August 30 The Spiritual War
September 6 The Stakes are High
September 13 God’s Strategy vs. Satan’s Strategy
September 20 The Christian Soldier
September 27 Living By Biblical Principles (Part 1)
October 4 Living By Biblical Principles (Part 2)
October 11 What’s the Right Thing to Do?
October 18 Dancing
October 25 What Your Eyes Should See
November 1 TV, Sex, and Violence
November 8 Control Or Be Controlled
November 15 Music and Communication
November 22 But I Don’t Listen to The Words
November 29 What’s a Christian to Do?
December 6 The Principle of Modesty
December 13 Christmas Outreach
December 20 Christmas Celebration
December 27 The Principle of Identification
January 3 Physical Stimulants
January 10 The Boredom Cycle
January 17 The Great Escape
January 24 Alcohol and Drugs
January 31 Out of Sight, Out of Mind
February 7 Dead and Doomed
February 14 White to Harvest
February 21 What Can I Do?
February 28 Discipline
March 6 The Goal of Missions
March 13 The Virtual Missionary
March 20 Smoking
March 27 Proper Attitudes Toward Sex
April 3 The Bible and the Occult
April 10 Astrology
April 17 You’ve Caught It Too
April 24 How It All Happened
May 1 The World’s System of Evaluation
May 8 Steps to Developing a Godly Self-Image
May 15 God Loves You!
May 22 Living By a Godly Self-Image