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First Sunday ~ Birthday Celebration and Praying for People Around the World

Birthday Celebration is held every first Sunday in each classroom. After class, each student will receive a goody bag to take home. The birthday students of the month will receive 200points which canbe redeemed at teh next The ARK Store.  

During this celebration, the students are encouraged to pray for different people every month.

We would also like to encourage parents to pray everyday with the children:


Second Sunday ~ Making a Difference Sunday

Every 2nd Sunday is MAKING A DIFFERENCE Sunday.

Each student who participates will get 10 extra points from the classroom teacher.

Details can be found at:


Third Sunday ~ Bible Hunt Sunday

Every 3rd Sunday, the students will find jelly beans in small containers and a question.

The students need to answer the question by using the numbers based on the clues available. The first student to guess correctly can bring the container home.



Fourth Sunday ~ Attendance Sunday

The Attendance Sunday reward will be given to students who come on all four Sundays in a row (on the first, second, third, and fourth Sundays).

The students will receive 10 extra points on the fourth Sunday from the classroom teacher.

We do not count the 5th Sunday.


Fifth Sunday ~ The ARK Store Sunday

The ARK (Amazing Rewards for Kids) Store is a place where students can redeem their points in exchange for merchandise.  

The store opens every 5th Sunday at 11:15-11:45 AM at the Noah’s Ark Room.

Parents of Nursery, Toddler and PreK-K children MUST accompany their children at the store.