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July 25, 2021

July 25, 2021
Speaker: Rev. Joseph Garfield
Topic: “Jesus Will Heal”

Speaker Rev. Joseph Garfield
Worship Leader Cecylia Wati  
Musician Derrick Wong Randy Renandya
  Hari Rediawan Marlene Koesmadjadi
Slide Operator Bryan Sugiarto
Sound System Fulbert Jong
Care Ministry Alvin Wijaya  
Indonesian Svc. Rev. Stephen Hosea  
PreK-K grader
Silvi Tan & Ronald Karunia
1st & 2nd  grade Lower Elemen. Sansan Melissa  
3rd to 4th grade Upper Elemen. Liliana Brasali  
5th to 8th grade Pre-teens Erniwati Satriya  
High School Teens Jacky Wong & Sharon Budijono  
Refreshments Nelson & Sana  

1. Prelude
2. Call To Worship
3. Congregational Singing: “God So Loved”
4. **Opening prayer
5. Congregational Singing: “Faithful Now
6. Congregational Singing: “Run To The Father
7. **Intercessory Prayer and The Lord’s Prayer (Sunday School children can go to their classes)
8. Scripture Reading: Mark 1:40-42
9. Sermon: “Jesus Will Heal”
10. Offering Song: “Faithful Now”
11. Offering Prayer
12. Memory Verse: Hebrews 11:1
13. Announcements
14. Doxology
15. Benediction
16. Congregational Response: “Amen, Amen”
17. Postlude
** Please speak quietly while waiting outside and enter the room after the prayer ends.

“Now faith is the substance of things hope for, the evidence of things not seen.”                        Hebrews 11:1 NKJV

Sunday        : Ecclesiastes 6:8 – 10:16 Thursday  : Isaiah 5:26 – 9:20
Monday       : Ecclesiastes 10:17 – Song 4:12 Friday      : Isaiah 9:21 – 14:6
Tuesday      : Song of Solomon 4:13 – Isaiah 1:25 Saturday  : Isaiah 14:7 – 19:15
Wednesday : Isaiah 1:26 – 5:25  

SJ Fellowship Schedule 
Date Fellowship Topik Speaker Place
July 28
Prayer Meeting
7:00 PM
Short Message Rev. Timotius Tjing
MC: Ev. Mariany Tjing
Music: Rini Lie

191 E Gish Road

San Jose, CA 95112

July 30
Young Adult
7:45 PM
Testimony Night Pemuda Leaders Church

191 E Gish Road

San Jose, CA 95112

1. Welcome to our Sunday service online/live streaming. If you are first time joining us, welcome! Hope you will join us again next week. Please invite your family and friends to join our Sunday service or fellowship so that they may hear the word of God and be blessed.
2. Thank you, pastors, worship team, and SS teachers for your ministry today. Brothers and sisters in supporting church’s programs in prayer.
3. As for giving, you may use one of these ways:

a).  Drop it in the offering box provided at church

b).  Transfer through Zelle:

**Please make note such as for: mission, tithe, building, thanksgiving, etc.

4. We express our condolences on the passing of:

  • Talkah Soedjadi (86 years old), the father of Sande Soedjadi, on July 17 in Palembang
  • Leny Tjowandi (85 years old), the mother of Darwin Tjowandi on July 17 in Surabaya
  • Hanna Wihartati Ongkowidjojo (88 years old), the mother of Mazmur Ongkowidjojo on July 22 in Surabaya

May the Lord comfort and strengthen the whole family in this sad time.

5. There will be baptism and acceptance of official member in English service on August 8 for:

  • Valery Leslie (to be baptized) and Derico Calvin (becoming official member)

Please pray for them.

6. Congratulations to Alvin Adrian Wijaya and Lorina Josephine Harjono on their wedding on July 24. May Lord Jesus bless this new family.
7. Anyone who would like to provide refreshments on Sunday or Wednesday’s Prayer Meeting can contact the Refreshment Committee or write your name on the Refreshment List on the notice board near the kitchen lobby.
8. Please follow the pandemic protocols by not eating, drinking or gathering inside the church building after service. Discard food packaging, plates, spoons, and other trash in the blue dumpster at the side of the church building.
9. Please do not park cars in the parking lots in front or at the side of church. This area will be used for gathering after service and for Sunday School classes. Parking is available at Uplift Family Services across our church. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
10. East Bay fellowship will be held on August 14 at 5:00 pm at the residence of Fei Fei and Mazmur Wong family. For those who live in East Bay area, please come and use this opportunity to invite new friends to the fellowship.

1. Program: mission trip to Indonesia and local mission, church picnic (combined with IEC SF), preparation for Christmas.  
2. Congregation: sick and in recovery – Nicholas Lu (IEC SF) & Rev. Moses Yang, Gen Hung (Stanley Hung’s mother), those who lost their loved ones, transfer students, career advancement of professionals.
3. World: floods in China, wildfires and homelessness in California, Covid-19 cases surging in many countries, and the availability of vaccines.
4. Mission: missionary Fina Linan (Burkina Faso), Dono & Karina Ostby (Indonesia), non-believers family members, target number of people hearing the gospel.
5. Countries: Indonesia (President Jokowi and his cabinet in fighting Covid-19 and building a better society for Indonesia). U.S. (President Biden & his cabinet in keeping the economic, political stability and security).