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November 27, 2022

November 27, 2022
Speaker: Rev.Stephen Hosea
Topic: How We Express Thankfulness to God?

Speaker Rev.Stephen Hosea
Worship Leader Maria Joana
Musician Kevin Candra, Stephen Trisno, Hari Rediawan
Usher Sebastian & Hansel Chong
Holy Communion
Slide Operator Jonathan Lie
Sound System Jonathan Lie
Indonesian Svc. Ev.Mariany Tjing
Toddler Jennifer Idris
PreK-K grader
Erika Fataniah & Shelly Sia
1st to 3rd grade Lower Elemen.
Sansan Melissa & Shirly Effendi
4th to 6th grade Upper Elemen. Cecylia Wati
7th to 9th grade Teen A Bernard Huang
10th to 12th grade Teen B Join ES
Refreshment Devie & Jeh Lin
1. Prelude
2. Call to Worship
3. Congregational Singing: “10,000 Reasons”
4. **Opening prayer
5. Congregational Singing: “Great Are You Lord
6. **Intercessory Prayer and closed with The Lord’s Prayer (Sunday School children can go to their classes)
7. Scripture Reading: Psalm 103:1-5 and Psalm 105:1-5
8. Congregational Singing: “The Wonderful Cross”
9. Sermon: “How We Express Thankfulness to God?
10. Offering Song: “Thank You Lord”
11. Offering Prayer
12. Memory Verse: Psalm 116:12-13
13. Announcement
14. Doxology
15. Benediction
16. Congregational Response: “Amen, Amen”
17. Postlude
** Please speak quietly while waiting outside and enter the room after the prayer ends.

What shall I return to the Lord for all his goodness to me? I will lift up the cup of salvation and call on the name of the Lord.”

Psalm 116:12-13

Sunday        : Romans 7:1 – 9:22 Thursday : 1 Corinthians 4:3 – 7:34
Monday       : Romans 9:23 – 12:18 Friday      : 1 Corinthians 7:35 – 11:7
Tuesday      : Romans 12:19 – 16:13 Saturday  : 1 Corinthians 11:8 – 14:15
Wednesday : Romans 16:14 – 1 Corinthians 4:2

SJ Fellowship Schedule 
Date Fellowship Topik Speaker Place

Nov 30

Prayer Meeting
7:00 PM
Short Message Rev.Stephen Hosea

MC: Rev.Timotius Tjing

Musik: Rini Buntaran


191 E Gish Road
San Jose, CA 95112


Dec 2

Young Adult

7:30 pm

Not Conforming – Colossians 2:11-23 Rev.Timotius Tjing Church
191 E Gish Road
San Jose, CA 95112

1. Welcome to our Sunday service. If you are first time joining us, welcome! Hope you will join us again next week. Please invite your family and friends to join our Sunday service or fellowship so that they may hear the word of God and be blessed.
2. There will be a Holy Communion next week, Dec 4th (because on 2nd week we will have a Christmas Outreach Service). Please be prepared to take part in this last Communion in 2022.
3. Congratulations to (1) Lie Hok My and (2) Law Sioe Tjoe on their holy baptism received today. May the Lord Jesus help in their growth of faith and life to be His witness.
4. Thank God and thank all the congregation for supporting the Thanksgiving dinner last Friday, Nov. 25. The approximate church subsidy for the Thanksgiving dinner is $5,000. If you would like to participate in supporting this Thanksgiving dinner outreach, please mark it as “Thanksgiving dinner”.
5. The EBF and SBF Combined Fellowship to celebrate Christmas will be held on Saturday, Dec 3 at 4.00pm at the church (potluck dinner). If you would like to participate in the gift exchange, please bring a gift with minimum value of $15.00. If you plan to attend, please register via WA group or to Rini Hing or Andy Phan.
6. If you would like to be baptized, become official members or dedicate your children to God at the Christmas Service on December 25, please contact Rev.Timotius or the Deacons.
7. Christmas and End of Year Events:

  • Young Adults Christmas (combined with SF) on Dec 9 at 7.30 pm at church.
  • The English service and Sunday School Christmas outreach on Dec. 11 at 10.00 am at church.
  • Combined Christmas celebration with IEC SF on Dec. 17 at 4.00 pm at IEC San Jose.
  • IS & ES combined Christmas service on Dec. 25 (+ baptism, child dedication).
  • End of Year Fellowship on Dec. 31 at 5.00 pm at church.

1. Programs: Christmas celebrations and services, year-end events, programs in 2023.
2. Congregation: sick & recovering (Herman Yudi’s mother, Mazmur Wong’s aunt – Ong Bek Bie), pregnant (Jennifer Chandra, Natalia Hing, Cindy Hing), and for those who are looking for work.
3. World: war between Russia and Ukraine, Covid-19, flu, handling of food shortages in several countries.
4. Government: California (Governor Newsom & his staff). Indonesia (earthquake in Cianjur). USA (economic stability).